Best Language for Web Development in 2019 – Node Js?

Best Language for Web Development in 2019 – Node Js?

Hey, welcome to another topic of discussion on the web. In this article, we will discuss the best language for web development in 2019. Web – you know how it is growing nowadays! It is one of the largest fields of software development. 

Since we are living in an online world, the demand for online applications is continuously growing. However, there are lots of aspects – I mean languages are available to make such online applications. 

But before heading on to the languages used in web applications, you have to first understand what are the web applications and how they are different from the standalone application.

What are the web applications?

Simply, we can define web applications as the types of application that run on a browser. From social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter to the video sharing sites like Youtube – they all are some kind of web applications.

You are probably reading this article on a browser – aren’t you? If yes, then it is also one kind of web application. Now, you have got a basic understanding of web application now the question is how the web applications are different from the standalone applications?

Just a few moments ago, I tell you that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc are web applications. But these applications are also available as a standard mobile app, which can be downloaded and can be installed on your mobile devices.

These are actually a standalone version of the web applications. But the development aspects for them is completely different from the web application. Now today we will only discuss the languages or the best language for web development that you should learn in 2019.

Front-End & Back-End of Web Applications:

The web applications are comprise of two parts – frontend & backend. The frontent is what you see on your browser and the backend is what the actual processor of the application.

The language – JavaScript is used mainly in the frontend to make the application interactive. However, it has a large set of libraries and frameworks to do so. Some of the most used JavaScript libraries and frameworks are – JQuery, React, Angular, Vue etc.

The main driver of a web application is their backend language – that’s run on a server where the application is hosted. Some of the most used backend languages are – JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP etc.

In our topic of discussion – the best language for web development, we are considering the backend languages only. since there is no choice rather than JavaScript in the frontend part. So, let’s head on to our main discussion – the best backend language for web development!

Best language for web development-


If I answer this question – The Best language for web development? – the straight forward answer would be the JavaScript. Whether it is for frontend or backend web development, in 2019 JavaScript is considered as the best language for web development.

Now you probably thinking that it is ok, JavaScript is the best language for the frontend! But why it is also considered as the best language for backend also?

The answer to this question is the entry of Node Js on the web. If you don’t know about the node, it is a runtime environment designed for developing dynamic web application by using javascript at the server side I mean backend.

Now you can develop both frontend and backend of a web application in one language – JavaScript. – Isn’t that great? Node js is considered as the best technology to create real-time applications like a chatting system, video broadcasting system etc.

If you learn JavaScript there is also a way to move onto the android development. There exists some technology like react-native which is used for native android app development using javascript.

Python is in the next to the list after Javascript. Compared to the javascript it is more powerful enough to handle trending technology like machine learning and AI.

When considered in web development, there are some really heavy frameworks like Django and Flask are available in the market. These two are the most used python web framework.

Now the question is why python is also considered as one of the best languages for web development? Because it is easy to learn and it can be used for rapid development while producing great scalability of the application. It also has a great package management feature.

If you are new to the programming world, you should consider learning python as your first programming language. Along with web applications, you can also develop standalone desktop applications with python. Python is considered as the best language when it comes to data handling. You have another option to go for AI, machine learning or deep learning if you learn python.

Java is an old and trusted language. It is available from a long decade of time. The most important feature of Java is its cross-platform nature. That means you can run a java application in any operating system.

Java is a very secure and powerful language for any kind of development. In the case of web development, JSP (Java Server Pages) is used to create dynamic web pages.

One great advantage of learning Java is you can easily move to android development from the web. There are lots of other technology growing nowadays like big data analysis where Java is used.

Since Java is a very secure language, mainly the transaction or payment processing web applications such as online banking systems use this language as backend on their applications. In almost all institute while pursuing a degree in computer science Java is taught and you can use this advantage to build your career as a java programmer.


Another great language specifically dedicated to web development. Unlike Java or Python PHP can’t be used for developing desktop applications or game.

It is a very matured backend language for creating dynamic web applications. It is very easy to make web applications in PHP as compared to other technologies. Now why you should learn PHP for web development?

As I mentioned above it is a very matured language for the web. So, it has a really big developer community. Also the inclusion of PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter it is possible for rapid development of any PHP projects.

PHP would be the best choice if you want to develop CMS like applications. If you are searching for the easiest language to develop the backend of a web application then simply go for PHP. It is an ideal choice for making such applications where security is not so concerned.


At the end of our list for the best language for web development, I want to include the Golang. Now introducing Golang also formally known as Go – was developed by the tech giant Google.

Its syntax is similar to C++. It was mainly designed to produce speed, performance, and power. When it comes to power and performance it jumps over all the languages used for web development.

Learning Go in 2019 is completely worthy. It is slightly new in the market and still gaining its popularity due to its power, performance and high scalability. But learning Golang as a beginner might be a tricky task for anyone because it is a complex language to learn as compared to PHP, Python or JavaScript.

If you are from the C++ background then it will help you a lot. Golang is highly used in system programming and cloud computing for its power. It has some really powerful libraries for web development, database handling, and encryption.

Final words - best language for web development:

We discussed the top 5 languages that are considered as the best language for web development purpose. In 2019 it can be clearly said that JavaScript is the best language for web development. Because – one language for both front-end and back-end.

The asynchronous non-blocking code execution nature of the node js places it to the top of the table of other server-side technologies. It can handle more request at a single instance of time. It is very fast and reliable. That’s the point why it is gaining its popularity.

If you are planning to become a web developer it would be a great idea to learn JavaScript and continue your career as javascript developer. But here I want to remind you that I am not saying that PHP is bad or Java is a bad choice. Each and every language is developed for a specific purpose and has its own advantages over others.

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