Let’s Have A Look At The Evolution Of Magento

Let’s Have A Look At The Evolution Of Magento

Evolution of Magento: Magento has been a top favorite of the e-commerce developers, from the day it has entered the market. Starting from helping the companies to build their e-commerce websites to let them optimize it, Magento is truly an all-encompassing solution for the e-commerce firms.

Now, when it comes to the latest version of Magento, it is definitely termed as the most advanced edition of the e-commerce platform so far. The reason is that is not only better than the previous versions but also offers a bundle of exciting, cutting-edge features. Therefore, it is absolutely correct to say that Magento has come a really long way!

Let’s explore the history of Magento

Magento was incepted in the year 2007. Though, the originators of Magento already had a fair bit of experience as they were managing a company called, Varien, before incepting Magento. This old firm was a web design company and was responsible for developing customer management programs, point-of-sale systems, etc. before Magento came into existence. 

Since the time it has entered the market, Magento is consistently helping firms to develop a platform for their business. There were plenty of editions of Magento that were introduced, like Magento Community was launched in 2008 and it was basically created for public use. Then, just in some time, Magento Enterprise came into the picture, which was actually built for commercial aim. Fortunately, both versions were used by engineers from across the world. In fact, there is even Magento Mobile which was developed keeping in mind the mobile-centric generation.

Why do you think Magento was able to move up the ladder of success year after year?

The biggest factor that helped Magento to become more and more successful is the fact that it was started with a set goal. The key factor driving the launch of Magento was the need to offer ease of customization to the users. As e-commerce started growing, the competition and the demands also started increasing. Thus, companies were keen to adopt an e-commerce platform which is not only easy to use but also solves their problem. Magento inventors beautifully understood the need and demand, and thus, came up with this world-class solution.

However, the core of Magento is still customization and flexibility. Thus, there are a large number of interesting features in Magento that offers utmost flexibility. For example, Magento offers the most flexible product catalogs around the globe. As, the company knew what they want to do and how can they solve the problem of the e-commerce industry, thus, they were able to come up with this wonderful solution which is preferred by a high number of e-commerce firms.

What makes the latest version of Magento, Magento 2, better than the previous 1?

Let’s have a look at the architectural difference first

One of the most noteworthy differences in Magento 1 and Magento 2 is the architecture. The store performance was considered as one of the weak points of Magento 1. However, now, in Magento 2, store performance could be improved considerably. The company has tried its best to modify the stack. This is done by including several latest technologies like Composer, Apache, Symfony, etc.

Also, Magento 2 supports the most advanced PHP versions. And, all of these PHP editions contain a host of useful security improvements which affect the speed of the store. Also, the much-enhanced browser caching for the static content is one of the most talked about features. At the same time, Magento has considered it important to limit the needless browser’s activities on the client’s side which happen because of the bundled and minimized JavaScript.

Also, when it comes to the speed of loading, Magento 2’s loading time a lot quicker than the old version. Also, the latest edition of Magento supports and allows optimization. So, if you want to optimize your site for Search Engine Ranking, then you can implement your SEO strategies in Magento 2. Also, the responsive design has been a talk of the town. In fact, there are several new features which are added to make Magento 2 a top choice for the businesses who wish to boost their mobile-presence.

Magento’s team has always done a superb job when it comes to upgrading the program. Therefore, we can now see that Magento has a long history. Starting from when it was incepted to know, it has truly come a long way. And, the latest version of Magento is by far the best of all!

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