How AI and Big Data Will Shape the Future of Cybersecurity?

How AI and Big Data Will Shape the Future of Cybersecurity?

How AI and Big Data Will Shape the Future of Cybersecurity: Security- it has become the primary concerns of the organisations these days. With an increase in figures of security breaches, the overall percentage of IT spending has also increased at a very rapid rate. According to a report, overall spending on security is calculated at around $100 billion- which is a big figure. It has become very essential to implement security services and practices in companies environment. Generally, all CISO organisations implement 30 to 40 security solutions on their premises.

Trending technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT and big data can leverage advanced security solutions to minimise the risks associated with the sensitive parts of an organisation. Let’s explore these services and solutions together:

How AI will reshape the future of Cybersecurity:​

AI helps the organisation to respond quickly to cyber risks. The malware and other junks are harder to detect with traditional methods. AI uses data from previous attacks to recognise and respond in case of any suspicious activity.

One more advantage of AI is that it saves time for tech employees. AI is broadly used to detect any kind of threats or attacks in real-time and it automatically manages the simple attacks by its automated simple solutions.

AI can also help enterprises by categorising the cyber attacks according to the amount of threat they can cause.  But, 52% of cyber expertise thinks that these systems demand improvement as they aren’t accurate enough.

We have never faced this much of cyber threat that we are facing today. The bad part is- these attacks are getting more common, advanced and impactful. Attacks like DDoS can completely exhaust a companies infrastructure resources.

But, AI enabled systems can address basic to serious threats- and ultimately provide solutions to face these attacks. The AI in cybersecurity global market worth $3.92 billion in 2017. Its market is estimated to touch $34.81 billion by the end of 2025 with a CAGR rate of 31.38%. AI inbuilt products like Dark trace, Cylance, FireEye, Sophos etc., have already marked their presence in the organisation. If you are interested in AI leveraged technologies and want to become the part of this upcoming trend by innovating such tools, you can join Artificial Intelligence Training available over the internet.

Big Data Analytics driving Cybersecurity Soul:

Data- it needs security as it is getting theft. Here’s how big data analytics can fulfil the cybersecurity demand:

1). Recognising Anomalies in System Behaviour:

You own machine can be transformed into a Trojan horse and used to access and theft your data. But, thanks to big data, it can prevent these attacks by identifying system behaviour.

2). Identifying change in Employee Behaviour:

Is your colleague is downloading various information from the company portal? It can be prevented with big data analytics.

3). Identify Changes in the Network:

With big data analytics- it has become possible to identify any threats. Analysing and correlating previous data from attacks will assist in recognising the nature of the attacks.

4). Estimate Risks:

Collect data and analyse them to estimate the risks which your organisation can face. It can perform security checks on the consumer-related database, company information etc., and tell how vulnerable is this information to the attackers. Thus, reduces the risk involved with them.

These days big data analytics is helping organisations in malware detection for various scenarios. Big data look for malware by analysing suspicious files and generate a proper report.

Final Words:

Thus, we can see how AI and big data analytics have effectively put their hands among organisations to catch the bad flowing across them. In the upcoming years, new threats will arise but feel secure because we got AI.

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