Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s impeccable UI is a visual treat?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s impeccable UI is a visual treat?

Microsoft Dynamic CRM: User Interface of any application or program is very important. As, only when the UI is visually appealing and also, easy to navigate, then only the program has more chances of growth. The adoption rate of the programs or solutions is on a higher side, only when the users find it easy to use, and when the UI is attractive.

Microsoft knows the importance of a good user interface, therefore, they make sure that they design the best user interface for their solutions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most famous CRM solutions in the world, and it has the finest UI amongst all the CRM solutions in the world.

Software development firms are focusing more in User Interfaces

Nowadays, companies are focusing a lot on technological system improvements. However, the new improvements are not only related to adding more features to the product. Rather, various software development companies are now aiming to improve the user interface of the products as well. Basically, the companies are aiming to improve the UI as a better UI makes the product a lot more enjoyable. And, if the software is engaging and easy to navigate, then nothing can stop the success of the solution.

Microsoft has realized the importance of UI. Therefore, they make sure that the User Interface of their Dynamics 365 operations solution including Dynamics CRM is up to the mark.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a fabulous user interface

Dynamics CRM has the finest and most refined User Interface. Basically, improving the user interface is now categorized as User Experience Design (UX). It is a method that involves improving user satisfaction. In order to boost the user experience, one has to boost the accessibility, ease and the fun of using the solution. Microsoft has taken many steps over a period of time to ensure that the interface of Dynamics CRM is absolutely appealing.

Now only Dynamics CRM, the company has even made a host of modification in the user interface of many other apps as well. Like, the Dynamics 365 app for marketing, sales, etc. However, the changes made to their Microsoft Dynamics product line are mostly uniform. So, almost similar kind of changes is done to all the Dynamics 365 apps, including the Dynamics CRM app. Hence, the user experience offered by almost all the dynamics 365 solutions is super cool.

A few of the top Microsoft Dynamics CRM UX improvements

Much better forms and dashboards

The first step to improving the user interface is by enhancing the dashboards and the forms in CRM. The company has improved its forms and dashboards in order to make the most of the available space. And, therefore, the various content sections in the CRM app contain defined borders. Also, there is consistent spacing all through the CRM eventually, the CRM solution also contains a host of useful messages and icons. Overall, the forms and dashboards are the key parts of a CRM solution, and any improvement in the way they are developed and organized creates a huge impact on the overall look of the CRM.

Several structural changes

The visual hierarchy of the CRM is modified. We can see an advanced clipboard structure. And, this fresh clipboard structure is available on each and every page of the CRM. There are a host of noteworthy grids improvements As well. Also, the users are able to modify the colors used for the clipboards. Most of the empty fields are gone, and there are various other improvements that enhance the look and the feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the top customer relationship management solutions for corporates. And, Microsoft is doing a lot, by evolving the solution and upgrading it in order to make it better and better for the new-age businesses. The key focus area of the company is the user interface of the solution. Microsoft is making the user experience of the apps and programs much better. And, there are so many improvements and additions which are done to boost the visual appeal of the wide range of apps that fall under the Dynamics 365 line of products. And, the UI of CRM is definitely the talk of the town.

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