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Hello guest, welcome to CSETutor! You can contribute your article to our website. As you all know, our site mainly focuses on computer science niche, so we only accept articles based on any topic of computer science. But before writing an article, please read our guidelines below:

  • At first, visit our homepage and see some articles and understand what kind of articles we publish and how they look like.
  • Your article must be well written with proper headings and images where needed.
  • Your article should not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes and should provide a quality value to the readers.
  • Try to write articles with more than 1000+ words. But that doesn’t mean that you will add some gossips talks in the article.
  • If you run your own blogs than you can add a maximum of 1 backlink to your website. But here one thing you should keep in mind that link pointing to your site should be related to the content.
  • We accept articles that are written in English only.
  • Your article may be edited for SEO purpose if required.

How to submit an article to CSETutor:

  • You can send your article directly to
  • The article must be in .doc or .pdf format.
  • When you submit your article, please write the email subject as ‘CSETutor guest post‘.

Please include your Twitter/Facebook Profile link at the end of the article. Your name and profile link will be mentioned at the end of your article.

For any query regarding article submission, please contact:


Whatsapp: +918638886083

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